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1102 Rose Hill Dr
Charlottesville VA
Phone: 434-979-8628
Fax: 434-979-8536
Albemarle Therapy Center

Pediatric Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy Services & Physical Therapy Services for Adults & Adolescents in Charlottesville, VA


Touching Hands, Hearts, And Minds

Occupational Therapy - Occupational therapists identify and treat children who have challenges in the skills necessary for daily living. This can include any of the following areas: sleeping, dressing, toileting, fine/gross motor skills, playing, social skills and self-regulation. Treatment strategies include sensory-motor activities, play and functional activities. Children learn best through play, so skills are often learned through play activities. Occupational therapists also assist in identifying and then training families in the proper use of supportive equipment.

Physical Therapy – Physical therapists identify and treat problems with gross motor skills, movement patterns, gait/walking, positioning, and posture. Physical therapists treat using a variety of exercises, activities, hands-on positioning and other techniques. Physical therapists can assist individuals with identifying and proper use of supportive equipment.

Speech Therapy - Speech therapists identify and treat children with expressive and receptive language disorders, articulation, social skills, communication, articulation, auditory and language processing disorders, language learning disorders, oral motor and feeding. Speech therapists treat using a variety of oral motor exercises and explorations, articulation adjustments, and play based language/vocabulary building. Speech therapists also assist families with augmented communication.
Early Intervention Services are for Children 0 to 3 years of age in their natural environments. A natural environment can be their home, community or day care. For more information visit and for Early Intervention Services in your area contact:

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