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1102 Rose Hill Dr
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Fax: 434-979-8536
Albemarle Therapy Center

Adolescent & Adult Physical Therapy Services in Charlottesville, VA

Ken Zarske
Ken Zarski, MAPT
Ken sees the approach of PT care to be part art and part science: a method (an art) is merged with a scientific base that supports the methods used with connection to the results (outcomes.)

His focus is on pain and function, with major consideration of the mechanical problems underlying them, and attention to how specific tissues are affected. Logic and skill backed up by trust in the process can likely reduce or correct even old problems.

Core values of respect, kindness, integrity, generosity, and professional ethics, skill, and ingenuity guide this practice and are consistent with those of the entire staff here at Albemarle Therapy Center.

  • 30 years in private outpatient practice
  • Experience with acute and short term rehab settings
  • A background in clinical cardiovascular/fitness testing and training with applications to cardiac rehab and athletics
  • Training in mind/body dynamics, traditional Chinese medicine, and posture correction
  • A unique approach to physical therapy treatment centered in manual, hands-on care with emphasis on pain elimination/reduction and return of function through postural and ergonomic correction
  • Master’s degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy
  • Maintains current training in various advanced techniques and trainings related to and within the PT field

“What is PT?”
Physical therapy is a field of rehabilitation with a central goal of restoring or maximizing function while improving or eliminating pain. It has a very wide scope of conditions that it can address. It includes care toward musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and sensory motor dysfunctions of all the ... Read more
“Can PT help with old problems or if the cause of my problem is not found by medical testing or during and office visit?”
Of course every condition differs in its effects on people. Moreover, each person reacts uniquely to differing symptoms and responds to care differently as well. Not all factors causing pain can be determined equally by x-ray, MRI, CT scans, etc. But appropriate examination, careful problem ... Read more
“What is new, special, or different that your practice has to offer?”
As a patient, you have the right to go most anywhere you choose, barring financial and/or insurance factors, so thank you for considering treatment from Ken Zarski, PT at ... Read more
“What if I have no insurance?”
We have options for reducing your costs of care. The important thing is to get you the care you need.

“How long is a treatment session?”
The initial visit is usually up to 90 minutes, each successive session will usually be 45-60 minutes with occasional need to add to that time for special situations.
“How long does it take for PT to help?”
We hope to start seeing results within 1-3 visits, sometimes on the first visit there is a change noted in pain or function. Each patient response is based on length of time you’ve had the pain/problem, re-injuries, age, activities, and general health.
“Do I need a referral to get physical therapy?”
Under Virginia law, you need a referral from a physician or equivalent practitioner (Physician Assistant, Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Dentist, etc.) to ... Read more
“Amazing things happen when the ceiling is taken off the healing process and hope fills in the spaces.” - Ken Zarske