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1102 Rose Hill Dr
Charlottesville VA
Phone: 434-979-8628
Fax: 434-979-8536
Albemarle Therapy Center

"Everything Improves With Practice: Everything Requires Maintenance."

Ken Zarski is a physical therapist with more than 25 years’ experience in out-patient therapy, along with working in acute and short term rehab settings. He brings his background in cardiovascular/fitness training and athletics together with his training in mind/body dynamics, traditional Chinese medicine and posture correction to provide and effect a unique approach to physical therapy treatment. Ken holds two Masters’ degrees (Exercise Science and Physical Therapy) and maintains current training in various advanced techniques related to and within the Physical Therapy field. Ken’s interests are varied and include; music, martial arts, and most sports, but most enjoys spending time with his family.
Technique Systems
  • Functional Orthopedics™
  • Osteopathic techniques
  • KinesioTaping™
  • Myofascial release
  • Methods utilizing science of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Advanced electric and manual modalities for pain elimination/control
  • Experienced foot/ankle analysis and in-house orthotic fabrication

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Ken's Philosophy
“I believe that treatment should always be healing, supportive, hopeful, and empowering. Teaching the patient how THEIR body works, what are his/her risk factors, the source of their current injury or problem, and how they can help themselves is a lifetime power and responsibility handed to the patient.”
Ken Zarski Specializes In Treating
Back Pain / Sciatica
Degenerative Disc Disease
Results of Leg Length Discrepancy
Neck Pain, Headaches from Neck Issues
Chronic Headaches
TMJ Syndrome
Bell's Palsy
Pain, Numbness from Neck Area to Shoulder / Arm
Thoracic (upper back) Pain, Rotator Cuff Injuries
Elbow Pain
Wrist Pain / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Post Surgical Pain, Weakness and / or Tightness
Post Fracture Pain, Weakness and / or Tightness
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Post-Polio Syndrome
Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD)
Orthotic Management
Postural Dysfunction
Pre-Surgical Rehab
Ergonomic Assessment of Work Related Activities
Multiple Sclerosis
Hip & Knee Injuries / Pain
Ankle Pain / Sprain
Post Auto Accident Pain
For Prescribers & Professionals
Ken's approach recognizes and draws upon a mind-body relationship and supports wellness integrating dietary, psychological, and somatic factors. His practice provides restoration and relief to patients with several problems of long term intermittent or constant nature or arising from events or apparent minor injuries occurring long ago. Ken's approach is to recognize that pain is almost always one of the sources of dysfunction. For your convenience, prescriptions/referrals may be faxed to our office at (434) 979-8536.
Ken's Methods Draw Upon:
  • advanced osteopathic training
  • practical professional level sports training and experience
  • manual techniques complementing an array of modalities for analgesia, strengthening, and mobility
  • practical patient education specialized to meet each patient’s particular needs and characteristics with repetition
  • biomechanically and functionally based, supporting a wellness model
Ken's Practice Design Allows:
  • ample time to evaluate and treat without a rushed schedule
  • ample time to explain treatment diagnosis and course of treatment
  • to treat each patient individually (without assistants or aides)
  • to give home exercises tailored specifically to the patient and individually explained, practiced, and reviewed next session.
"My philosophy dictates that I follow post-surgical protocols and communicate with surgeons regarding any contraindications, potential for deviation from the protocol, or unusual findings. Recently updated systems allow for timely reports and updates following evaluations and treatments to referring practitioners.")

If Finances Are An Issue:
  • Materials will be provided for home use at no addtional cost
  • Loaner equipment is available for temporary home use without charge
  • Affordable foot & ankle orthotics provided with no-charge for corrections
“Amazing things happen when the ceiling is taken off the healing process and hope fills in the spaces.” - Ken Zarske